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Friday, September 30, 2005

Forums are back up.

It was either the cablemodem or the ethernet cable.. replaced the cable.. if it happens again, I'll get a new cablemodem.. But I'm getting hosting anyways..

It may take a while for the DNS to update (as my IP changed); so you may not be able to access the forums until that happens.. But, everything should be working now...



Earlier today:
Sorry guys, but I guess I really need to get the hosting going.. My current server is down somehow.. I'll fix it when I get home.
I'm working right now to get hosting setup somewhere else; so hopefully I'll be transitioning everything over this coming week...


Thursday, September 29, 2005

PSPRadio 0.33b

0.33b has been released!.
Downloads are available at pspupdates and pdroms for now. More mirrors will follow!.

Also, check out the official PSPRadio forums at http://rafpsp.homeip.net/phpBB/index.php.



PS: It's called "final" because pre releases existed for 0.33b, not because it will be the last one...

PS2: I'd like to thank all the users that have donated, but I'm still running shy on what I need to pay for hosting, so if you haven't donated yet; please consider doing so, it would be greatly appreciated!! Thanks!

Monday, September 26, 2005


I set up a phpBB forum. Try it here. Let me know how it works. I put a poll there so you can tell me on what to work next!



PSPRadio Version 0.32b

OK, I think I got most of the worst bugs fixed. Give it a try and let me know..
Please download from one of these mirrors:
gbazone, pspupdates, http://psp-news.dcemu.co.uk/pspradio.shtml

Or logging could fill up your memory stick!

Mirrors should follow..



PS: from whatsnew.txt:
-Reports of sound skipping on 0.31b. Looking at the code, I realize I forgot to do something when processing metadata.
Hopefully this is corrected now.
-Solved the problem with threads not logging. I needed to use an absolute path to the log file.
-Change your LOG_LEVEL to 50, (or more), so that it doesn't fill up your ms.
-Metadata is only logged (to log file) when it changes.
-Metadata should update faster on the screen now.

PS: (If all fails, only then try here)

Sunday, September 25, 2005

Donations and Source code.

I added a Paypal Donation button. It's on the right sidebar of the blog.
Please consider donating if you enjoy this application, and want to support it's development. Your donations will be used in part to pay for hosting expenses.
Thanks for your support!!
Please note that all the applications I develop here will continue to be free. Donations are completely optional, but greatly appreciated.

On a different note, I set up a server to hold a subversion repository of the source code. If you are a developer, or just curious, the repository is at http://rafpsp.homeip.net/svn/Projects/ You can browse it with a web browser, but you'll need subversion to do a checkout.
Bug reports are welcome, specially if well documented. patch files against a current checkout are also welcome!



Version 0.3b

Sorry guys about the issue where pspradio will keep skipping to the next track; it was late last night when I sent it out and didn't test long enough.
I think I have this corrected; I'll look into a couple more things and publish a new version shortly.
(For now I just disabled the function to go to the next song when one finishes)
I also fixed the problem where if the playlist was not defined in the config file, the app would crash.

I apologize again,


I'm releasing 0.31b now.. (Thanks gbazone for hosting the file, also here http://psp-news.dcemu.co.uk/pspradio.shtml thanks to wraggster)

PSPRadio Version 0.3b is out!

What's new:
-Added support for comments. Use ';' as the first character. (Blank lines are also ignored)
-Now urls with no path work ( didn't work, but did. Now both do).
-Now asking the server to send metadata.
-Metadata information is displayed for the current stream.
-Added a logging library
-Integrated logging with everything (framework, app, config)
-Added an event system
-Integrated the event system. This will be useful when the gui is developed.
-When a stream finishes, it goes on to the next on the playlist
-Fixed problem where the last entry in the playlist was getting inserted twice into the list.
-Having trouble getting the threads to log anything..

It's too late now.. and I'm tired, so I'll get the logging fixed for the next release..


PS: Find it here: pspupdates.com, psp-news.dcemu.co.uk.
PS2: Ppl experiencing some issues with this release, I'll focus on correcting these before adding more features.

Saturday, September 24, 2005

Upcoming version...

Time to go to bed, but wanted to share that I got the metadata retrieval working!. I also fixed the app so that it will support URLs missing a path.
I also added support for comments in the playlist.
I still need to fix the problem where an invalid file is listed in the playlist, causing the app to die.
I'm also looking at the possibility of supporting more samplerates.. but it's not a trivial problem to solve.. there's some libraries that will do it, though. I'll try to get one to compile for the PSP....


Friday, September 23, 2005

PSPRadio Version 0.2b is out!

I just submitted the new ver to psp-hacks.com and psp-updates.com! Expect a link soon on these sites.
gbazone- has been nice enough to provide hosting for the file also! Get it here.
wraggster- provides this link:

This new version has:
-Corrected problem where the app froze when exiting while paused/stopped.
(was caused because threads where suspended/asleep)
-Now can play lower samplerate streams (22K, 11K, etc) let me know well this works, since I only tried it with one at 22KHz.
-Integrated socket header files from NetBSD.
-Socket recv and send timeout set to 3 seconds.
-Corrected problems with httpget that would cause the decoding thread to freeze if the connection failed.
-Preliminary playlist support (version 1). Use the shoulder buttons L (prev) and R (next) to navigate the list.
** This is still work in progress ** Don't expect this version to be perfect, it's just an enhanced 0.1 **

I'm gonna start working on metadata support. This will hopefully solve the problems with the new shoutcast servers.

Note: Some users are reporting some problems with this release. I'm looking into it right now. I'll post a newer version when the issues get corrected. Still, feel free to try this version, and let me know what works, what doesn't. A test procedure for how to recreate the problems would be appreciated as well.
halfast reports that if there's files in the playlist file that don't exist on the ms, then the app will crash.
So, make sure you edit the playlist and only point to real files.
I don't believe the problem happens with URLs necesarily.. Although it may get stuck if it doesn't like a particular URL..
Well, I'll keep working on it, and hopefully I'll have an updated version out soon (Sometime this weekend).

Next version

I'm hoping to be releasing a new alpha version tonight.
This UPCOMING version will have the following:
-Corrected problem where the app froze when exiting while paused/stopped.
(was caused because threads where suspended/asleep)
-Now can play lower samplerate streams (22K, 11K, etc) let me know well this works, since I only tried it with one at 22KHz.
-Playlist v1 support has been integrated. Use L and R to move to prev, next in the playlist.
(still need to iron out some issues with this).

I also looked at the port 80 issue some users were reporting. PSPRadio can play streams at ports other than 80, just try it with something like for example.
I believe the real problem is that most servers that use a port other than 80 are a newer version, that is not compatible.
I think I know what's causing the incompatibility, so this may be corrected on the next version.
(Newer shoutcast streams require the client to accept metadata).

Thursday, September 22, 2005

PSPRadio 0.1a download

Both psp-hacks.com and psp-updates.com have been nice enough to host the program.
Thank you, guys!

I'd also like to thank everybody that's posted with nice comments... I didn't think that the app was mature enough right now for people to actually like it. So I'm glad I released it even though it wasn't ready.

Keep your comments and suggestions coming, though!!. I'll use them to prioritize on what to work on next.. (Wouldn't it be nice to have a voting system...)


-I have playlist (v1) support working now.
-If anybody knows of a free hosting service with subversion support (like sf.net but with subversion instead of cvs), please let me know.

-Something I forgot to mention, if you look in the PSPRadio folder, there's a PSPRadio.cfg file, it's plain text, under [WIFI] you can select a different profile. It defaults to the first one (0), but you can select them by using the config file...

-The current version only support 44KHz streams, if you use 22 or 11KHz it will still play them, but they'll sound with the wrong pitch. (I'll correct this on the next version).
-Your network profile needs to be setup for static IP. DHCP does not work. (Nobody has figured out yet how to do DHCP on the PSP). (I don't know when or if I'll be able to get this done.)

Wednesday, September 21, 2005

PSPRadio 0.1a WIP

I'm releasing what I have right now, so people can give it a try. It's a WORK IN PROGRESS, keep that in mind.

One of the problems it has right now, is that it can get stuck in a socket connection (recv or connect) if there's a network problem. I'll need to use setsockopt() to setup the socket for timeouts.. But the options are not part of the SDK.

I've been looking at NetBSD's sources, I think I'll borrow the socket header files from them..

Tuesday, September 20, 2005


I've been working on getting an internet radio client for the PSP.
I want it to support shoutcast servers, and for starters support MP3 format.
I'll worry about the interface later.
I got a C++ framework all set up already. This will allow people to develop applications for the PSP with sound/networking support a lot easier to do.
I got the networking to work too. (The profile is selectable via a config file, along with the mp3 file/stream(url)).

More.. I got the app in a state where it can play an mp3 file perfectly, and also an mp3 stream from a URL!!!!

More things to do (In no particular priority order)
-Nicer user interface
-Support for v1 playlists
-Support for v2 playlists
-Metadata retrieval (display song title from a online stream)
-ID3 tag parsing
-AAC support
-better shoutcast server support
-more configuration availability (buffers, etc)

Vote for your preference! (post)

Sunday, September 11, 2005

FTPD21raf1.1 (WIP)

Get it here from pspupdates.com

I implemented a crude rename for FTPD. It has almost no error checking, but it seems to work fine for now..
I'll release a new "official" release later.


Is hosted here. A big thanks to the guys over at pspupdates once again!!


FTPD with configurable username/password

I'm releasing a hack to the original FTPD (by pspkrazy) that allows you to set up your own username/password.
This is done by using a configuration file.
I was able to get iniparser to work perfectly, along with my own implementation of dirname(), the config file has to be in the same directory as the executable (it doesn't matter what it's called).
I also updated the libnet library to be more up to date, and finished declaring the undeclared socket definitions.. also made it more socket compatible.. (but that's not really used here).
Anyways, I'll see if somebody can host the file for me, and then include a link here. (pspupdates maybe ? :)

Friday, September 09, 2005

pspmangaconv.py download

The guys over at pspupdates were nice enough to put the file on their webpage. You can access it here.

Thanks, guys!

PSP Manga Converter for linux

I created a small python script to convert images(mainly manga/comics) into PSP format/reso..
If someone can host it, I'll include the link here, in the mean time, just copy and paste this script, call it pspmangaconv.py and set it as executable. It's slow, but it get's the job done. It even supports double-page manga/comics.
Well, pasting the source didn't work because blogger removed the formating (indenting) which is significant for python, so I uuencoded the source. So copy and paste as pspmangaconv.py.uu or whatever and run uudecode on it.

--edited out now that there's an actual download link available--