Raf's PSP Development

Monday, July 25, 2005

PSP Web Browsers!

It seems that there's a couple of web browsers out.. I haven't tried either myself, but this is good news nonetheless!!
http://fuuko-papa.ameblo.jp/ has one here.. According to pspupdates.com, it only goes to 2ch.net...
The other one was apparently ripped from a game...

Progress on my part:
-Got the toolchain and sdk installed and working Saturday night..
-Got Ftpd21 to compile and work..
-Copied libnet from VNC to ftpd, and got it to work
-Adding some of the missing socket function definitions to pspnet.h
-Got Ftpd21 to compile with 0 warnings
-Determined that main gets the argc and argv, and that argv[0] points to "ms0:/..." where the EBOOT is.. So I'm going to mod ftpd to have a config file for username/passwd..

Sunday, July 24, 2005

Setting up the environment

First things first.. I need the environment to be able to code anything ...
As it turns out, you need two basic pieces of software:

1) The PSP Toolchain
(I'm installing this on my Gentoo box, but should also work if you have cygwin on windows)
$ wget http://www.oopo.net/consoledev/files/psptoolchain-20050724.tgz
(or from svn: svn co
svn://svn.pspdev.org/psp/trunk/psptoolchain psptoolchain)
unpack and run:
$ ./toolchain.sh

This installs the toolchain (compiler, libraries, includes) into: /usr/local/pspdev
So you need to edit your .profile/.bashrc/etc and add:
export PSPDEV=/usr/local/pspdev
export PATH=$PATH:$PSPDEV/bin

2) The PSP SDK
$ svn co svn://svn.pspdev.org/psp/trunk/pspsdk pspsdk (To get the latest sdk)
then run:
$ ./bootstrap
$ ./configure ; make && make install


Firmware 2.0...
As I said in psprpg.blogspot.com, I cannot believe how people are just going to throw homebrew out the window basically in exchange for a web browser...
So I decided to write/port a browser for the PSP! Wish me luck (I will need it...)