Raf's PSP Development

Friday, April 28, 2006

Pre release of PSPRadio with links2

Get it here..

Discuss at the forums.

Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Links2 Running on the PSP

Thought I would share some screenshots of links2 running on the PSP...
This are all from pspupdates :)
Hope they don't mind; but I chose their site for this test, as it has lots of text, and images..

Click on the image to see them full size...

-1- Here you can see text, images, the enter url window, and Danzeff OSK (Thanks Danzel!)
-2- This here shows the memory info screen.
-3- Here, just the screen rendered. I'm using 11dpi for the font, but it's configurable.. the images can also be shrunk..
-4- Here you can see link's menus..

Monday, April 24, 2006

SHOUTcast db

Some users are reporting problems updating the SHOUTcast database.. I can't test this right now, but until I figure out what's going on, you can get an up to date db from here:
Then put it into your SHOUTcast/ directory


PS: The forums are back up (and backed-up as well :) )

Wednesday, April 19, 2006


Long time without a post here.. I guess most of the activity happens on the forums now a days...
I'll still try to keep you posted on what's going on...
So let's see..

1- The forums are down today (4/19/2006): It's a berlios issue, it will probably go away shortly...
2- Still no progress on the exit issue with eLoader.. Tried some more stuff with Ditlew, unfortunately, it still crashes on exit.
3- Danzel released his OSK; I'll be looking into porting it from SDL to native, and put it into PSPRadio/Retawq...
4- I've been working the last couple of weeks on psp newlib (the C/C++ library that PSPRadio uses).. I have successfully added support for pipes in a transparent manner. Also made select() work with them, along with sockets.. Will try to back feed my changes into ps2dev (have been trying without success.. :(... I may have to create a branch of newlib for the psp, which would be unfortunate..) Ideas?
5- With the new 'newlib' I got the graphical version of Links (links2) working.. I'll post some screenshots when I have a chance.. Still, it's far from a releaseable state: it crashes a lot, no OSK (will use danzeff!), graphical glitches..